Coming of Sex Robots

Coming of Sex Robots
This may sound absurd to you, but some companies in Silicon Valley have developed a Sex Robot that will replace a normal man for sex. The robot will have perfect abs, broad shoulders with ability to converse, thanks to AI and give an ultimate pleasure to single women.

The need has arisen since more and more single women outnumber married women. They are smart, intelligent, but not able to find a right match for them. Somehow, they do not find available single men equal to their match. And, if they are available, they are married; hence most women will remain alone throughout their life. This is the bitter truth. On top of that, mobile phones have also reduced a basic communication to a minimum level. Just do random observations in London tube, you will find 7 out of 10 people lost in their phone.

Sex Robots are designed to keep woman happy

If we look at it from positive way; then women can indulge in sex without any need of men. Whether it is kissing, ripping her dress apart, touching her clitoris or fucking her hard in various positions; Sex Robots are designed to keep woman happy. Your BF may not satisfy your needs; but Sex Robot will surely do. And, who knows if technology advanced; you may start a family with Sex Robot too.

Now, what about men? What would they do when they won’t have a lovely woman in their arms? Need not to worry, as companies are designing Angel like Women robots who can replace your GF forever. The women robot will have body of a model and face of your favourite celebrity. You can even talk to her too. Whenever you are tired, you can undress her completely; fondle her bosom and fuck her the way you want. To some extent, it will satisfy lust of single men who are not able to meet a woman of their dreams till yet.

Some of you; in fact, most of you may find it quit shocking even abnormal. But the truth right now is that more and more Gen X, millennial are not able to meet a right match; especially educated women who have got tremendous success in career; but not so in love life. Even after checking out pubs, dating app etc; somehow young generation is commitment phobic. If this trend continues for at least 10 to 15 years, then definitely Sex Robots will become a norm just like our mobile phone and laptop. Who know if it turns out good for society?

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