Where is Prince Charming?

Where is Prince Charming
We have grown up watching romantic mushy movies, reading fairy tales, romantic novels and all that. Girls brought up in 90s seriously believe that one day there prince charming will arrive and propose to them. Finally, they will settle down with him and lead a blissful life.

But my dear, where the hell is Prince Charming? Visit any dating site and you will find tones of women, intelligent, successful, sexy, yet still single. Why is it that so? The reason is that each girl has an image of her ideal man and she is not willing to adjust a little bit.

If you don’t believe it; just ask any girl in 20s, 30s, or in early 40s; all of them would say that they want a guy who is smart, good looking, successful and love them passionately. X-Generation women fails to understand this why a successful career oriented man would like to settle down with a common Plain Jane. Won’t he settle down with a high class supermodel especially when she is single? Just look at George Clooney or Snap Chat founder or our newly elected president Donald Trump.

If you ever propose to a girl with no money in your pocket; she may politely refuse or she would say that right now she wants to focus on her career, making it clear that she is not interested in you. For her, till you are not earning well; you are not good enough for her. No matter how true your feelings are.

Women flirt or strike friendship with men who are successful

The first thing any woman notice in man is his purse. This may sound absurd to ideal people; but this is a bitter reality that sooner or later you will definitely realize. Women flirt or strike friendship with men who are successful, charming and spend money carelessly on them. If they ever find these men, women are willing to cross the line; it doesn’t matter whether the guy treats them like a shit.

All this day dreaming is in front of you. You find women still miserable even more than their previous one after achieving so much. Till, women do not realize it, they will continue to remain single until their old age. It may sound haunting or a bad dream, but this will surely happen looking at women who are not willing to adjust a bit.

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